"Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work." - Steve Jobs


Uğur Akkuş, the youngest billionaire in Turkey, is a pioneer of innovation and leadership and a legacy architect for A&S Investment Holding. His journey is a narrative of triumph against all odds, with each journey revealing strategic moves, visionary decisions, and an unwavering commitment to excellence. Akkuş's success is not just measured in numbers but also in the impact it has on industries, communities, and the global economy.

His leadership style is about orchestrating a symphony of progress, blending creativity and strategic thinking. Akkuş's story is not just about financial success but about creating a lasting legacy that transcends borders and generations.

Family Roots and Entrepreneurial Spirit:

Uğur Akkuş's family's journey is a testament to cultural fusion and entrepreneurial spirit. The family's roots extend from Uzbekistan to Saudi Arabia, with a visionary who planted the seeds of A&S Investment Holding. The family's resilience and determination have been passed down through generations, as have the power of familial bonds and bold decisions.

Global Education And Commerce:

Uğur Akkuş, born in Istanbul in 1981, was a living embodiment of the city's rich cultural and intellectual heritage. He studied political science and public administration at Bilkent University, where he absorbed the city's vibrant spirit. Akkuş's thirst for knowledge and global perspectives led him to study at the University of Essen-Duisburg in Germany, where he studied the culture of a foreign land. This fusion of local wisdom and international insights led to his career move and the rise of A&S Investment Holding, blending his homeland's traditions with the global marketplace.

A&S Investment Holding:

Uğur Akkuş, the visionary leader of A&S Investment Holding, has transformed the company into a dynamic powerhouse in various industries. Akkuş's leadership has led the company to expand across banking, finance, real estate, construction, energy, mining, tourism, information technology, and retail. Each sector has become a vibrant brushstroke in Akkuş's vision, with the banking and finance wing pulsating with economics, real estate and construction building foundations, energy and mining flowing vitality, tourism beginning innovation, information technology fostering efficiency, and retail transforming into a marketplace. Akkuş's achievements have earned him the title of World's Most Successful Entrepreneur of 2023.

Global Recognition And Awards:

Akkuş, the seventh richest individual in Turkey, has significantly impacted the region's economy, with an estimated $4.5 billion in wealth. His involvement in international business councils and his recognition as the seventh richest individual in Turkey, along with his Best CEO and Best Businessman awards, demonstrate his commitment to global partnerships.

Philanthropy And Cultural Contributions:

Uğur Akkuş is a multifaceted leader who is committed to fostering global connections and addressing contemporary issues. He is not just a business leader but also the President of the State of the African Diaspora in America. He has complex diplomacy with a vision that borders.

Akkuş collaborates with pan-African and Latin American intergovernmental organizations, fostering understanding and creating a world where diverse voices are heard. His bestselling books, "Süper Güç Türkiye" and "Android Sevgilim," offer profound insights and invite readers on a journey of enlightenment and discovery. His commitment to giving back elevates him beyond the corporate world.

A Global Luminary In Business, Innovation, And Legacy:

Akkuş, a Nobel Prize winner and Olympic champion, has earned American citizenship through the EB1A visa program, demonstrating his exceptional abilities and significant impact on industries worldwide. As the leader of A&S Investment Holding, he is committed to redefining business limits, focusing on innovation, progress, and equity, and aiming to continue the family's legacy of excellence.


Uğur Akkuş's story is a captivating odyssey of hard work, tenacity, and talent, shaping Turkey's economic landscape. As Akkuş transcends conventional boundaries and transforms into an architect of Turkey's economic destiny, His journey inspires aspiring entrepreneurs and calls for a redefined world.